470 Lucy Forks, Patriciafurt, YC7B 3UT

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8.00 - 18.00 Mon-Sat



Laundris provides the clients with the most convenient laundry services possible! Available in apartment buildings, condos, offices, fitness facilities and other locations throughout the city, our company strives to make doing your laundry so easy.

Services you will love


Laundris provides superb, eco-friendly dry cleaning and laundering for your garments.

You simply toss your items in a locker and they come back clean, pressed and nicely packaged, hanging in the locker waiting for you.

Services you will love


Wash & Fold is just like going to the laundromat, except we do all the work for you.

First your clothes are sorted and colors are separated. Then we wash and dry your clothes in separate machines. Next, your clothes are folded and delivered.

Services you will love


Don’t trust your delicates to just anyone! We created the most detailed order tracking for your garments in the industry.

This isn’t our first day, we have been at this a long time and perfected every aspect of the process along the journey!

Services you will love


This is not your ordinary shoe shine or bag conditioning. Our experienced professionals use the highest quality products.

We shine & condition with two coats of lotion to get your shoes back in great looking condition, and our experts can fix almost any issue with your favorite bag.

Services you will love


Laundris offer solutions to both fragrance the air and neutralize malodorous, thereby creating a fresher environment.

We provide the convenience of on-site vending without the need for stock storage and without the workload of in-house personnel.

Services you will love


We provide a managed Linen Hire Service with quality stock to meet your needs from all sizes of hotels, restaurants, guesthouses.

From 100% white cotton sheets, to high-quality duvet covers and toweling, and various table linens, in a selection of styles, sizes, and designs.